JAlbum skin Aeneid

JAlbum Skin Aeneid by Roni Marinkovic

JAlbum skin Aeneid
Create web based photo albums with thumbnails and slide pages

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Latest Version 2.7 - 21.11.2006. - download here

Bol island Brac, Croatia
Holidays in Croatia Apartments and Hotels

ronim's photos More of ronim's photos
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Website Integration help (v2.4)
/* Removed java files to make download size smaller If needed, you can download them here */
/* Update for v2.4 - PaPal Shopping Cart affected -
download here - replace folder inside includes folder */
/* Update for v2.4 - PTV Applet pages affected -
download here - replace files inside res/styles folder */
/* Update for v2.3 - order page affected -
download here */
To do list for next versions - feel free to mail me suggestions (my email is available on Aeneid ui 'about' tab in JAlbum):

- PTV integration per file in addition to current per folder setting
Let me know about your galleries created with Aeneid skin, you can find my email on skin about tab.
Also if you tried skin with browsers other than IE and FF, please let me know how it works (also operating system).
(Not all is coded by me, credits for parts go to Armond Avanes for BluPlusPlus skin, Robert Camner for Viewer Remarks and others. See complete credits.)

● Keyboard support
● Image save protection
● Jump to page facility
● Navigation tips
● Google style links for browsing photo slides
● 17 predefined styles (css stylesheets)
● 9 navigation icon sets
● 24 languages support
● Creation of CD autorun files
● Page blending / fading
● Marking folders as new if created within specified number of days
● Folder descriptions from JAlbum edit tab
● Slide show
● Thumbnail images on slide pages
● Multiple positioning of slide comments
● Linking to original images
● PTViewer applet for panorama photos and zooming ability for normal flat images
● Selling photos directly via script
● Selling photos via PayPal Business account
● Automatic insertion of html meta-tags
● 42 ready made frame filters for photos
● Viewer Remarks (php script, requires MySQL)
● Photo meta data display
● On-line print ordering (JAlbum integrated feature)
● Voice annotations for images
● Auto insertion of Google Analytics code
● Auto insertion of Google AdSense or other banner ad code
● GUI support for JAlbum filters (Logo, text, Shadow Text, Watermark and Image Watermark filters)
● Existing website integration through user interface (v2.4)
● "Mark off the web" insertion for local viewing to avoid error in IE

Last modifications on 31.08.2007
Copyright 2006 Roni Marinkovic